Monday, November 16, 2009

Questions where the 'best answer' vote is left to be decided by vote !!?

I suspect most of you are like me in thinking it's nice to get best answer vote but we're not gonna lose sleep if we never get another vote ! My primary objective on the forum is to have a bit of fun .. share a little banter .. and help people out.

But something is really making my teeth itch !!

I've noticed recently that a lot of Q's that go to vote are won by the person who was the very last person to answer - and quite often they have received 4 or more votes.

What a coincidence that a question with 20+ answers (in some cases) is won by the very last answer and isn't it strange that they get so many votes ?

So, my point is that there are some users on here who may have a minimum of 3 or 4 different identities with the sole purpose of making one of those accounts gain as high a percentage of BA votes as possible.

Personally, I couldn't be a***d to go to the trouble - it's not like there's any prizes to be won.

So, let's name and shame - who are the culprits???

Questions where the 'best answer' vote is left to be decided by vote !!?
I was thinking of asking the same question myself.

Well done for highlighting the matter.

Below are two of the worst users that I have witnessed;;_ylt...;_ylt...

A.K.A. %26lt;0%26gt;.

%26amp; I don't know if anyone else has worked this out yet but these are the same cheating user. just as bad as %26lt;0%26gt;.;_ylt...;_ylt...

Mark my words, the latter user will very soon be on both Top 10's of Men's Premiere Leagues (UK) and Other - Soccer sections.

%26amp; There's nothing you or I can do about it.
Reply:wow. you really are a smarty. lol. how did you figure all that out?
Reply:His name was Fernis Wolf, now it's Wulf.. The guy clearly is a cheater, I just cannot prove it, nor do I care to. He is a top contributor of History, Religion %26amp; Spiritality, and Martial Arts.

A female asked a question a few months ago, about WHO the MAIN leaders were at Gettysburg! This guy responded Robert E Lee vs General Grant and Wild Bill Hilcock.


I knew the answer. I've been to Gettysburg every summer forever it seems. I gave the correct answer and called out Wulf on his wrong answer.

Soon after I received 7 thumbs down, and guess how many votes he won by? 8! Also, there is another person who cited the same reference as he did. The coincidence is so small. He has to have multiple accounts, I just cannot prove it, nor do I care to.

It's like you said you don't win anything on here, it's just freakin points.
Reply:i know does this alot. She has 12 accounts on answers. It is so rude. UI dont get the point. I only have one account. Because personally I think it is very meen. Everyone should have one chance.
Reply:Too much info for me to figure, Jo xx
Reply:Im so confused.
Reply:Damian got it. As for here, i know that %26lt;o%26gt; army do that. That guy has a milion acc's and is best answerer in English section. He is a racist and has no life!!! What can we do, let him have his fan i guess!!!
Reply:All I can tell you is that I seem to be the only one who ever puts questions to a vote. If I have too many answers that I think are good. I hit "put question to a vote".....about every fourth one of my questions ends up that way.
Reply:To all those who don't know:[o] has 10 fake accounts,not 6.I know coz I did a little investigation(got bored in my holidays and had nothing better to do,hehe).He answers Qs right before they expire and votes himself for BA.I think Stan I Sebastian and Martin de Porres are the same person.

There's another guy in the cricket section who asks Qs(10 or 15 at a time) from fake accounts and gives himself BA.

edit: I just saw Stan Sebastian got suspended.
Reply:El Gato pointed this out the other day - personally I couldn't care less - it's just that some people have more time than others and seem to think that a 'top contributer' badge actually means something....

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